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Three law enforcement agencies are on the trail of identity thieves after the discovery of identical credit card skimming machines inside gasoline pumps in Placer County, Folsom and Sacramento.

The Placer County Sheriff”s Department, in conjunction with the Folsom Police Department and the Sacramento County High-tech Crimes Task Force, are seeking suspects who’ve placed devices in gas pumps and who have retrieved the credit card numbers of unsuspecting victims.

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The simple scanning devices have been found in pumps furthest from the clerk’s location and nearest to the street to avoid detection. Consumers are encouraged to pay inside the store using their credit cards or cash to avoid this type of fraud.

Detectives suspect more scanning devices are currently in use. They”ve been located at a variety of gasoline stations, not at one particular company”s pumps. Anyone who feels they may have had their credit card information stolen at a gas station is urged to contact their local law enforcement agency and file a report.

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