Fireworks Now Prohibited in Three City Parks


            Personal fireworks are no longer allowed in City Lions Park, John Kemp Community Park and Lew Howard Community Park. The City Council passed an ordinance in May prohibiting all fireworks, except commercial aerial fireworks shows, at City Lions Park and John Kemp Park.  The City Manager later added Lew Howard Park due to a high risk of fire.


            The City Lions Park ban includes the entire Civic Center complex, which consists of City Lions Park, the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary, Rodeo Park, the new library, the Community Center, City Hall, the Senior and Arts Center and Police Department grounds.


            Personal “safe and sane” legal fireworks are still allowed at other parks, and at neighborhood gatherings on streets and in driveways, according to Parks and Recreation Director Robert Goss.


            “This new ordinance is primarily intended to protect the public,” said Goss.  “Fireworks in City Park, where large crowds gather, have caused serious injuries in the past.  Improper handling of legal and illegal fireworks has resulted in numerous calls for medical service during the Fourth of July festivities.  In addition, the park’s proximity to natural open space poses a grave fire risk.”


            Goss also pointed out that the shrill sounds of the personal fireworks at City Park upset the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary animals, and the heat from the fireworks can melt the artificial turf at Kemp Park.  Lew Howard Park is surrounded by grassland vegetation that is extremely dry due to summer heat, and fireworks pose a significant fire risk.  In recent years, City crews have spent significant amounts of time cleaning up the spent fireworks and other litter following the crowded Fourth of July celebrations.


            Fliers will be posted at all fireworks sale sites to notify the public of the new ordinance.  In addition, temporary signs will be posted at all three park sites to alert people who celebrate Independence Day at those sites that personal fireworks are no longer allowed.

*City of Folsom