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Centex Homes is partnering with Roseville Electric to include high energy efficiency measures, integrated rooftop solar technology and shade trees in approximately 450 new homes slated for the West Roseville Specific Plan Area, thus creating some of the most energy efficient homes in the region.  

BEST Home builders receive generous rebates for an estimated 2.3 kW integrated rooftop solar electric generation system, as well as other energy saving features, including but not limited to, tight tested ducts, Energy Star appliances, R-38 attic insulation, an energy efficient air conditioner, an energy and water efficient hot water heater and shade trees.  

Centex Homes is the second builder to announce its participation in the Blueprint for Efficiency and Solar Technology Homes program since it was created in 2007.  Roseville Electric initiated the program to minimize the impact new home growth can have on energy resources, especially during critical summer months.  The goal is for up to 20 percent of all new homes built in the City of Roseville to participate in BEST Homes. 

Additionally, these BEST Homes helps to minimize the impact of new homes on the environment.  Building 450 BEST Homes is equivalent to planting more than 6.2 million trees and avoids about 17.5 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions over the next 25 years. 

Roseville Electric has among the lowest energy costs and most reliable service in the region. With the BEST Homes measures, homeowners can save up to 50 percent on their electric energy costs. 

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