“Strong Economy” is Responsible for Increased Revenues and Ability to Fund Essential Programs, Board Chair Tuttle Says

SACRAMENTO — California Chamber of Commerce leaders today applauded the Governor’s plans for California as outlined in his annual “State of the State” address.

“It is great news for all Californians that a strong economy has produced revenues to increase funding to education, transportation and other essential state programs,” said Donna Tuttle, Chair of the California Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. “Governor Schwarzenegger deserves credit for putting California’s economy back on track so we can truly fund these key services.”

Chamber President Allan Zaremberg also highlighted the Governor’s commitment to strengthening our state’s aging and inadequate infrastructure:

“It is clear from recent floods, crowded freeways, crumbling schools and other problems throughout our state that California’s infrastructure needs a significant investment. It has been ignored for far too long, and the plan outlined by Governor Schwarzenegger tonight is essential to keeping California’s economy booming. His visionary leadership will help California and our economy prepare for the millions who move to our great state each decade.”

“The Governor also discussed tonight plans some may have to roll-back the overhaul of California’s workers’ compensation system. It is clear that the overhaul has worked, and employers who were suffering from skyrocketing workers’ comp costs just two years ago are now staying in California because their costs are under control,” continued Zaremberg. “We applaud the Governor for his continued commitment to keeping California’s workers’ comp system fair for injured workers and employers.”

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