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Letter to Editor: Prepare to be blessed

Rocklin, Calif. – The recent live KTKZ radio broadcasts with Sacramento favorite Eric Hogue and national heavyweight Hugh Hewitt at William Jessup University (WJU) has prompted me to write.ย  Driving by the Christ centered university to work five days a week routinely sets my thoughts on one of its founding students.ย  Every time I see the beautiful WJU Campus at the corner of Highway 65 and Sunset a blessing is relived.ย  It stems from an association with the founding student’s Family.

A young lady started attending San Jose Bible College in 1939 when the college had just opened.  She had to leave school after that first year and then returned to graduate in 1954.  The college’s founder, William Jessup, was pastor at the young woman’s wedding.  Years later I knew her as Mrs. Shafer.

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Mrs. Shafer’s husband had also attended San Jose Bible College.  In the mid 1980’s William Jessup presided over Mr. Shafer’s funeral, shortly before William passed away.  I never got to meet Mr. Shafer except through many loving conversations with the Family.  It was through the good fortune of working with Mrs. Shafer’s son that allows me to write this story and reflect.

My wife loved visiting with Mrs. Shafer who was always kind to her.  It was hard to tell who enjoyed the visits more.  Mrs. Shafer was especially considerate of my wife Reiko, who is a dialysis patient in Sacramento.  Through the years we were invited to the Shafer house for family gatherings around the Holidays.  We were blessed to know Mrs. Shafer and her Family.  They are a generous family.  Mrs. Shafer passed away in 2006.

This is a small piece ofย  William Jessup University legacy from its origins of San Jose Bible College, probably one repeated many times over the years.ย  Listening to the broadcasts from WJU brought up pleasant thoughts of Mrs. Shafer and her Family.ย  I felt compelled to share this blessing.

Surely, today”s student body at William Jessup University will be no different.ย  Rocklin has an educational jewel in its midst.ย  Prepare to be blessed.

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