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With the election past and voters having the final say on the reduced plan for Clover Valley, I am hopeful that the community can come back together and focus on positive efforts for our community’s future. Rocklin has a great number of assets that make it a great community, including now the two thirds of Clover Valley that will forever be preserved as open space based on Tuesday’s vote.
Unfortunately, the first signals from opponents of the reduced plan for Clover Valley are not encouraging. Despite earlier statements that voters should have the final say on Clover Valley, there appears to be no end to the litigation already initiated against the city — and the associated costs to the city’s taxpayers. It is difficult for the city to work with those who are suing the city and its taxpayers.
Rather than re-fighting the Clover Valley issue now and in future elections, City leaders, opponents and supporters of the reduced plan should be able to take pride in what they’ve achieved — a reduction in homes in the Valley from 952 to just 404. That is a dramatic. The four-lane road long planned to connect Park Drive and Sierra College Boulevard will now be a two-lane road, not a four-lane road or an eight-lane road as some had been led to believe. Just two lanes, one going in each direction.
The days after a heated election are never a good time to draw lines in the sand. I hope as time passes that energies can be put toward working together rather than working against one another.

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