Placer County Library

Enhancing access to digital materials, early literacy programs & more!

Auburn, Calif. – The Placer County Library has launched a modernized website at with streamlined navigation, enhanced search capabilities, and improved access to digital resources and materials.

The newly designed website boasts a more modern look with greater visibility of key resources and highlights the Library Services Department’s calendar of events, as well as new pages dedicated to educators, early literacy, and recommendations for “what to read next.”

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⤥ Summer Fun Starts Here ⤦

⤥ Summer Fun Starts Here ⤦

“Modernizing our website is a significant step forward in the library’s mission to best serve Placer County’s information needs in the digital age,” said Library Services Director Mary George.

“It’s a reflection of our commitment to making library resources accessible to everyone, anywhere and at any time.”

Mary George, Library Services Director


Navigating the site is simple and mobile-friendly, with searchable catalogs and easy-to-find buttons that click to the library’s online applications like Libby, Kanopy, LinkedIn Learning and more. Website upgrades also address findings from the 2020-21 Grand Jury report that recommended the library update services via user friendly and accessible technology. (findings and recommendations listed below)

A feedback button allows library customers to suggest new features, report technical issues, or let staff know if customers are having difficulty finding materials.

Check out the new library website at its familiar URL:

Grand Jury Findings & Recommendations


  • F1: All the libraries in Placer County provide similar basic services to their patrons, including resource lending, computer use, and programming for children and adults.
  • F2: The Placer County Library system would benefit from increased promotion and community outreach to increase both membership and public awareness of library services.
  • F3: A citizen of Placer County who wishes to borrow across all county library systems must have four separate library cards.
  • F4: The Placer County Library, Roseville Public Library, and Lincoln Public Library have websites that are incorporated into their respective county/city websites.
  • F5: The Placer County Library and Roseville Public Library do not own their own web domains separate from their county/city-managed website.
  • F6: The Placer County Library systemโ€™s nine branches serve approximately half of the population of Placer County and over 95 percent of the countyโ€™s total territory, resulting in branches over ninety-five miles apart, which strains the libraryโ€™s current staffing resources.
  • F7: Placer County Library system faces greater staffing challenges compared to the other library systems, especially considering the number of branches, territory covered, and that 25 percent of their allocated headcount is used for administrative support.
  • F8: Placer County Library system does not produce a newsletter or utilize other means of regular communication with its patrons.
  • F9: Roseville Public Library system is consolidated within the Parks & Recreation Department.
  • F10: In the fall of 2021, Lincoln Public Library will be operating as the school library for Twelve Bridges High School as well as the public library.
  • F11: Loomis Library and Community Learning Center provides innovative services to their patrons including a seed library and makerspace for children.
  • F12: Due to the incident in 2019, the Placer County Library system has recently taken a more complete and up-to-date approach to handling security at all locations.


  • R1: By January 1, 2022, Placer County Library will develop a promotion and outreach plan to increase membership and circulation.
  • R2: By January 1, 2022, Placer County Library, Roseville Public Library, Lincoln Public Library, and Loomis Library and Community Learning Center will work together to develop a single county-wide library card.
  • R3: By November 1, 2021, Placer County Library, Roseville Public Library, and Lincoln Public Library will each develop and manage their own independent website.
  • R4: By October 1, 2021, Placer County Library will conduct an internal review to determine appropriate staffing levels, present a report on their findings to the Placer County Board of Supervisors, and post the report on the Placer County Library website.
  • R5: By January 1, 2022, the Placer County Board of Supervisors will review the Placer County Library staffing report and take appropriate action.
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