Installing Kwikbit Internet

High-speed Internet with not data caps

Auburn, Calif.- This week, the residents of Woodside Village, a senior mobile home community in Auburn, were able to get access to affordable, high-speed internet through a new company – Kwikbit Internet.

“There is no reason for people today to not have access to great internet,” said Joe Costello, CEO of Kwikbit Internet. “Our technology allows us to connect nearby fiber to each home, and once we get that connection, we get people up and running in less than an hour. We can get these residents connected today and economically. There is no need to wait for 10 years to make this happen.”

Woodside Village residents are able to sign up and connect to a 1 GB speed internet service with no data cap, paying a monthly subscription fee of just $50, without the need for a contract. This affordable, high-speed connection is a game-changer for everyone.

This is particularly true for many residents in mobile home parks like Woodside Village, where there are a lot of unserved and underserved community members. This is also why Kwikbit Internet focuses on this market.

Kwikbit Internet hardware

Bridging the digital divide

Kwikbit Internet’s technology is easy to install and costs a fraction of the price compared to other services, and takes a fraction of the time to install. By providing their services to Woodside Village, the company is helping to bridge the digital divide, ensuring that residents have equal access to the opportunities and resources available online.

Sanford Hanna, a gamer and a resident of another mobile home park that Kwikbit Internet has deployed at, said, “I finally have great internet in my trailer park. I can update my games in a matter of seconds that used to take hours. I can’t say enough good about the upgrade [Kwikbit’s] service is to me.”

Mobile home parks

As part of their ongoing mission to bring affordable and high-speed internet to underserved communities, throughout the state, Kwikbit Internet plans to continue deploying their service in more mobile home parks. They aim to launch their service at 100 parks across the country this year.

The Minneapolis-based company hopes that by targeting communities that have been historically overlooked by major internet providers, Kwikbit Internet can help ensure that all residents have the opportunity to participate in today’s digital society.

Reliable internet has become a necessity to fully participate in school, work, healthcare, and other essential services. In 2021, the U.S. Census Bureau found that 93.5% of households in the Sacramento metro area had broadband access, an increase that was partly driven by the pandemic. However, disparities still exist in the area. Greater broadband access does not always mean that residents are automatically connected, as financial challenges and affordability issues can still prevent them from signing up with an existing provider.

Residents and park managers interested in Kwikbit Internet’s service can find more information and reach out through their website at

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