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A man is being held in the Placer County Jail without bail after beating a woman Tuesday night in the front yard of his Auburn residence as deputies arrived at his home.

A man visiting friends on Shaunsetta Court in Auburn called the Placer County Sheriff’s Department at 9:40 Tuesday night to report that Bryan Standish Woodhouse, 60, had confronted him with a large knife in his hand and had scratched his face with his fingernails.

When deputies arrived, Woodhouse was sitting on top of a woman in his front yard, hitting her on the head. He had a large knife in his other hand. After drawing their weapons and ordering the man to stop the attack and drop the knife, Woodhouse threw the knife aside and began to enter his home.

One of the deputies ran after the suspect and was able to take him to the ground. Woodhouse was transported to the jail and was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, brandishing a weapon, domestic violence, battery and resisting arrest.
The woman was transported by ambulance for medical treatment. Her condition is unknown.

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