Granite Bay, Calif. – San Juan Water District reported their retail customers reduced water use by 32 percent in 2014 after the board of directors implemented 25 percent mandatory cutbacks.

“We are thrilled our customers took action during this unprecedented drought and significantly reduced their water use,” said Shauna Lorance, general manager of San Juan.

The district relies on water supplies from Folsom Lake, the primary water source for a half million people in the Sacramento region. Thanks in part to water conservation efforts, Folsom Lake levels are higher than they were this time last year.

“Our customers were active in their efforts to use less water,” said Judy Johnson, customer service manager. “Water conservation staff spent more time than ever talking with customers about how they can use less water. They performed water audits, helped detect leaks and made sure customers were aware of drought conditions.”

San Juan Water District was one of the first in the state to implement mandatory water use restrictions and has since seen a spike in customer engagement. More than one in ten customer accounts have received personal assistance to become more water efficient and customers have redeemed over $50,000 in water conservation rebates.

The district’s conservation efforts remained higher than the state average throughout the entire year. In spring, after entering mandatory water use cutbacks, customers reduced their water use by 53 percent.

“Water use tends to start increasing in the spring and early summer, when the temperatures start increasing,” said Lorance. “When we saw cutbacks at 53 and 47 percent, we knew our customers were making major changes to their lifestyles to conserve.”

While December 2014 brought much needed rain to the region, the drought isn’t anywhere near over. The district plans to continue water conservation efforts and working with their customers to reduce water use.

Customers with questions about water conservation stages and lake levels are encouraged to visit or call San Juan Water District at (916) 791-0115.

*San Juan Water District