Lincoln, CA- UPDATE 8-24-2011: Emergency crews have been flown in from Texas and will attempt a hot unload of the propane in an attempt to mitigate the danger with a best case scenario of 24-48 hours to wind down the operation.

David Witt of the Lincoln Fire Department places estimates at 170,000 – 500,000 gallons of propane in the burning and adjacent area. An explosion at this point may have catastophic consequences for the city of Lincoln. The Lincoln Police Department has evacuated their headquarters.

The American Red Cross has setup a website to help locate family and loved ones who may be at a local shelter.

Areas currently being evacuated include NE of Highway 65 & Ferrari Ranch road all the way to the northern City limit.

Residents west of Highway 65 are being evacuated to either the Lincoln Community Center at 1st & Joiner, or Club Lincoln within Lincoln Crossing at 830 Groveland Lane. Residents east of Highway 65 are being evacuated to Kilaga Springs Lodge at 1176 Sun City Boulevard.

Placer County Emergency Information Line: Phone # 530-886-5310

Kingman Arizona Propane Explosion of 1973