St Patty's Day
Somewhere in Roseville, CA

Cities and Towns ranked by percentage of Irish residents

Roseville, CA- St. Patrick’s Day was a pretty big deal growing up on the East Coast. The incredibly festive nature is reminiscent of the spirit that Cinco de Mayo holds in California. Convivial celebrations that celebrate and honor unique cultures are always a great time.

A day awash in a sea of green, leprechauns and four-leaf clovers. A hearty helping of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes was a once a year splurge. Quaffing an Irish brew or a shot of Irish Whiskey to begin the day’s celebration is customary, for some.

Either way, a fun day to crank up your bagpipes or perhaps some U2 or Van Morrison.

Here are the places in California with the highest percentage of Irish, at least according to ZipAtlas. We can’t say which ones throw the best celebration, but we suspect a few know how to throw down a good time in Irish fashion.

If you have any recommendations where to, we’d love to hear from you.

California Cities and Town with most Irish residents

City/TownResidents% Irish
Strawberry Valley, California 9868.04%
Randsburg, California 10540.42%
Clearlake Park, California 9137.36%
Ravendale, California 4434.52%
Fields Landing, California 21332.32%
Nipton, California 15832.01%
Alleghany, California 10630.71%
Goodyears Bar, California 6930.30%
Downieville, California 39129.86%
Clio, California 7829.29%
Tomales, California 37127.54%
Navarro, California 14226.62%
Lakeshore, California 4625.80%
Mount Laguna, California 7925.60%
Mather, California 91425.49%
Avery, California 10425.35%
Shoshone, California 7024.26%
Tecopa, California 9924.04%
Echo Lake, California 6023.80%
Wishon, California 31023.72%
Castella, California 22222.47%
Coleville, California 1,31822.18%
Wilseyville, California 41521.96%
Green Valley Lake, California 30521.85%
Lytle Creek, California 1,07721.58%
Elmira, California 15321.53%
Clements, California 71721.48%
Twin Bridges, California 1421.42%
Madeline, California 7021.42%
Cima, California 2121.42%
Eagleville, California 11621.36%
Paynes Creek, California 41721.29%
Cassel, California 32621.27%
Hathaway Pines, California 31621.19%
Kirkwood, California 12320.72%
Loma Mar, California 12820.43%
Paskenta, California 25920.21%
Landers, California 2,18119.94%
Mi Wuk Village, California 1,26119.92%
Friant, California 1,11919.25%
Bass Lake, California 60419.21%
Vallecito, California 44019.09%
Forest Knolls, California 1,01918.94%
Old Station, California 16918.84%
Doyle, California 1,16418.73%
Herlong, California 92818.49%
Callahan, California 28618.34%
Caspar, California 31718.32%
Weldon, California 1,92018.28%
Summerland, California 56118.27%
Bethel Island, California 2,36218.15%
Guerneville, California 4,89318.09%
Wofford Heights, California 2,51017.98%
Douglas City, California 94017.89%
Samoa, California 38917.89%
Dutch Flat, California 33317.68%
Tahoe City, California 3,99717.61%
Redcrest, California 38617.56%
Sheridan, California 1,21617.50%
Posey, California 24717.24%
Phillipsville, California 15017.18%
Brownsville, California 1,23017.01%
Leggett, California 30316.99%
Lower Lake, California 2,63316.96%
Platina, California 20616.88%
Shasta, California 52416.86%
Altaville, California 66416.83%
Earp, California 1,54516.67%
Willow Creek, California 1,66016.66%
Valyermo, California 40616.56%
Bella Vista, California 89416.52%
Zenia, California 25316.48%
Fulton, California 46216.44%
Auberry, California 3,45516.29%
Yosemite National Park, California 1,74016.29%
Lagunitas, California 81316.28%
Salton City, California 79616.25%
Bodega, California 57116.22%
Greenwood, California 1,13616.14%
Jamestown, California 9,54916.00%
Lucerne, California 2,99015.97%
Redway, California 1,83115.93%
Mariposa, California 10,21815.92%
Camp Meeker, California 42515.92%
Mokelumne Hill, California 2,71415.86%
Bridgeport, California 81715.82%
Monte Rio, California 1,52415.79%
La Grange, California 1,73615.79%
Taylorsville, California 49815.77%
Cottonwood, California 12,34715.73%
Hayfork, California 2,50515.71%
Lee Vining, California 48815.69%
Big Bear Lake, California 5,43515.66%
Hyampom, California 24815.63%
Mill Creek, California 7715.62%
Ahwahnee, California 1,95715.62%
Port Costa, California 16815.60%
Weott, California 25615.58%
Alturas, California 5,09215.54%
Litchfield, California 37615.47%
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