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Auburn, Calif. -ย– The Forest Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating Californians about forests, today announced it has received a $45,000 grant from the Allstate Foundation to promote and distribute a booklet about forests and the state’s wildfire crisis.

The wildfire booklet ย– ‘Protecting Communities And Saving Forests: Solving the Wildfire Crisis Through Restoration Forestry’ ย– was written by Dr. Thomas Bonnicksen, Ph.D., a noted forestry expert whose work for over 35 years emphasizes the history and restoration of North America’s forests.





‘The Allstate Foundation is pleased to support the efforts of the Forest Foundation as it works to educate communities about fire risks and ways to lessen that risk,’ said Robert H. Barge, III, field vice president for Allstate in California. ‘We are dedicated to helping Californians be prepared by taking steps to help protect their families, homes and communities from the potentially devastating effects of catastrophic wildfires like those we’ve seen this fire season.’

The grant is the Allstate Foundation’s second to the Forest Foundation. Last year, Allstate supported the initial printing of the booklet with a $25,000 grant.

This grant will pay for an updated booklet that includes information about the troubling effects of wildfire emissions on climate change and a program with public radio stations serving the state’s most fire-prone regions, including San Diego, San Bernardino and communities along the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern and Central California.

‘We’re grateful to the Allstate Foundation for helping us expand our efforts to educate Californians about forests and wildfires,’ said Donn Zea, President of the Forest Foundation. ‘Allstate has demonstrated its commitment by sponsoring initiatives to encourage safe and vital communities. We are pleased to partner with Allstate.’

Free copies of the booklet may be obtained by ordering online at the Forest Foundation home-page: or by writing the Foundation at 853 Lincoln Way, Suite 208, Auburn, CA 95603.

About The Allstate Foundation
The Allstate Foundation is an independent, charitable organization made possible by the Allstate Corporation. Allstate and The Allstate Foundation sponsor community initiatives to promote ‘safe and vital communities; ‘tolerance, inclusion, and diversity; and ‘economic empowerment.’ The Allstate Foundation believes in the financial potential of every individual and in helping America’s families achieve their American dream.PR

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