Practical Tips to Save Water

Drought conditions continue so we came up with five easy, simple things that people can do to reduce their water use this fall and winter. 

It’s vitally important to encourage folks to take action – now more than ever – because dry conditions continue and indications suggest a dryer and warmer fall.

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1- Adjust Watering Schedule

As we transition into the fall season, it is important to remember to reduce irrigation-watering times to reflect the lower water needs of plants.  As the weather cools and days get shorter, plants are going dormant and now have very low water needs. Adjusting your irrigation controller for cooler weather will make your yard more water efficient and eliminate water runoff.

2- Water Efficient Landscaping

If you are planning to add new plants to your landscape this fall, consider choosing drought tolerant species that need less water.  If you have unused turf, take this opportunity to remove it and replace it with drought tolerant plants.

3- Apply Mulch

A layer of mulch protects plants and enriches soil, as well as reducing the amount of water your landscape needs during the fall. The mulch you applied during the summer months has likely decomposed, so fall is the time to apply more. Some people even use fall leaves and garden debris as mulch material.

4- Winterize

It will not be long before you can shut off your irrigation for the winter season.ย  This should include shutting off the water source to your sprinkler system and draining all water left in the pipes, valves and sprinkler heads.

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