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Reducing the Number of False Burglar Alarms

The Roseville Police Department responded to approximately 3,200 false burglar alarms in 2016.  That’s an average of 8.75 service calls every day of the year for a non-crime purpose.  These alarms were activated by accident where there was no crime in progress.  However, before police know that it’s a false alarm, an officer has to investigate.  When that happens, the officer is not available for other calls for service within the city. This annual number of 3,200 has been fairly consistent for the past few years.

When used properly, alarm systems do a great job to safeguard families and businesses. They protect you from intruders, protect your valuables and provide a peace of mind. 

We need your help to lower the number of false burglar alarms to improve quality of life in our city.

Roseville Security Alarm Facts

  • The Roseville City Council is responsible for setting the Alarm Permit requirements in the city.
  • An Alarm Permit is required for everyone operating an alarm system within the city for either residential or commercial properties.
  • The cost of an Alarm Permit is $35 and it’s valid for two years.  Permits must be renewed every two years thereafter at a cost of $15.  A third party entity named Cry Wolf handles the billing for Roseville’s alarms.
  • A current Alarm Permit needs to be on file with the city at the time alarm monitoring is activated.
  • If you do not have a valid Alarm Permit, you will be required to pay for one within 30 days of notification.  Late fees and penalty fees may be assessed for non-payment.
  • Alarm Permits are non-transferrable to another person or alarm site.
  • The City of Roseville Municipal Code 5558 Alarm System Ordinance regulates alarm systems, users, and alarm companies.
  • According to Ordinance No. 5558 the alarm user is responsible for false alarm fees.
  • Ordinance No. 5558 also requires “enhanced call verification.”  That means the alarm monitoring company must make up to two phone calls to persons selected by you on your emergency contact list to verify the alarm.  This is standard in the industry today.  If unable to verify a legitimate or a false alarm, then the police will be asked to respond.
  • Excessive false alarms at an address may impact the ability of the police to respond per Ordinance No. 5558.
  • Transfers of service to a different alarm monitoring company must be reported to the Roseville Alarm Administrator at [email protected].

How You Can Help

  • Make sure everyone in your household or business has been properly trained on how to use the alarm system.
  • Avoid placing indoor trees or plants near motion-detector sensors.  Don’t allow hanging decorations or helium balloons to be near motion-detector sensors.
  • If you have indoor pets, know the weight limitations or other type of pet activity that might set off the alarm.  You may confine your pet to an unmonitored area or purchase a system that is designed for your pet to move about freely.  Weight limitations apply.
  • Heavy winds sometimes blow open unsecured garage entry doors and set off an alarm.  Be sure to carefully secure and lock any such doors or windows that might blow open from a strong wind gust.
  • Work closely with your alarm company to keep your emergency contact list updated.
  • If you do have a false alarm, report it immediately to your alarm monitoring company so they can cancel the request for police response before the police arrive.

Home security alarms are there to protect you and your family.  They do a great job.  The Roseville Police Department encourages all residents and business owners to use security alarms.  We want to emphasize, however, that the effectiveness of having an alarm system requires some responsibilities.  Because of the increasing number of times that officers respond to an alarm because a balloon or family pet activated the alarm; or a door wasn’t closed properly; or an employee didn’t know how to disarm the alarm, we need to make a better effort to reduce false alarm.  Your safety is a top priority.  A reliable alarm system operating efficiently helps to meet that goal.

For questions or more information, please contact Rob Baquera, Police Community Services, at (916)774-5057.

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