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State-of-the-art Electronic Manufacturing Services

Roseville, Calif.- PRIDE Industries recently unveiled a $3 million upgrade to their electronics manufacturing plant. PRIDE now offers the area’s only state-of-the-art Electronic Manufacturing Services plant.

Theย plant isย equipped with comprehensive, modular solution for quick change requirements, a high level of project customization, critical process validation and serial and lot traceability for full inventory accountability and control. The new capabilities are designed to provide scalable solutions to customer’s needs-from prototype development to volume production.

One company utilizing PRIDE’s manufacturing services is Roseville based Wijit.

Wijit was recently named the winner of this year’s SARTA MedStart 2012 Claire Pomeroy Award for Innovation in Medical Technology. Wijit has developed a lever driving and braking system for wheelchairs that gives manual wheelchair users better mobility while protecting from repetitive stress injury caused by wheelchair use.

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