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Contractor accidentally pierces sewer main

Roseville, CA- A contractor accidentally pierced a 16-inch sewer main Saturday morning while working in West Placer County, triggering a sewage spill of approximately 100,000 gallons into Dry Creek near the Cook-Riolo bridge, according to early estimates.

The spill occurred north of the intersection of Cook-Riolo and PFE roads west of Roseville in unincorporated Placer County about 8:30 a.m. Saturday. The spill was stopped by early Saturday afternoon.

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Crews from Placer County Facility Services repaired the leak and where possible some sewage was captured and pumped into trucks at the scene. Facility Services also cleaned the bridge and surrounding areas. All roads are now open.

Residents are asked to stay out of the creek and prevent pets or other animals from entering the water. Should anyone come into contact with the water, they should wash well with soap and water. Should pets or animals have contact with the water, the animals should be washed as well.

Crews from Placer County Environmental Health have posted the area warning residents to stay out of Dry Creek and to keep dogs and other pets away. Additionally, crews are testing the water downstream. Placer County will continue to test the water and will announce when the water is safe to enter.

The incident was managed by a unified command including the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, and Placer County Fire/CalFIRE and supported by other agencies. Staff from Placer County Office of Emergency Services, Sacramento County, the City of Roseville, the California Department of Fish and Game and the California Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board were also on scene.

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