Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Various music, concert and festival reviews from our musical misadventures.

8 Amazing Rock n’ Roll Debut Albums

In music, rarely do the stars align for that magical coalescing of youth, talent, and craftsmanship to deliver a superior debut album. Yet, when they do...

Flashback to Desert Trip: You Just Might Find, You Get What...

Indio, CA- Desert Trip 2016: "Any more fun and we'd be in trouble". Perhaps it was the heat of the desert sun, but

Summer celebration with the tribe at Hard Rock Lake Tahoe

Stateline, Nev. - Wherever you roamed, tie-dyed fans were abuzz with good cheer partaking in time-honored pre-festival rituals for the Bluegrass & Beyond Festival at the Hard Rock Lake Tahoe.

7 Electrifying Led Zeppelin Live Performances

Long before the Internet, finding live performances of Led Zeppelin usually required scouring the record shops of New York's Greenwich Village where entire stores contained nothing but bootlegs of live performances.

Melvin Brewery sets the stage for good vibes at Reggae in...

Rocklin residents, Aron and Lindsay Culver recently had the opportunity to visit Reggae in the Rockies. Hosted at Melvin Brewery, we're happy to share their experience below.

California band, Hidden Laurels release debut effort

Roseville, Calif.- An unlikely gathering of musicians with an often eclectic scope of musical influences, found each other oddly enough, amid America's COVID weary lockdowns. The result is Hidden Laurels, a California band that has coalesced into a working unit thanks in large part to modern technology.

Monophonics help kick off inaugural weekend at The Guild Theatre in...

Rocking the Bay Area's Newest Music Venue Menlo Park, Calif.- Enthusiastic Bay Area music fans welcomed feelgood, psychedelic soul favorites, Monophonics to The Guild Theatre...

Pandora, Spotify, & YouTube Music compared

Roseville, Calif.- Put a few music fans in the room and it won't be long before they begin putting the question on the table; which streaming music service is the best?

Terrapin Crossroads closes after 10 years in San Rafael

Terrapin Crossroads bids farewell San Rafael, CA - All good things in all good time. Terrapin Crossroads, the iconic destination of Marin County has officially...

Hangtown Music Festival throws cosmically wild weekend to close out season

Annual celebration marks finale of concert festival season Placerville, Calif.- Even the looming threat of a once-in-a-lifetime bomb cyclone wasn't enough to prevent what has...