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Playlists, reviews, and other musical musings that strike a chord with us. Please contact us to inquire about feature coverage for events in the U.S, Europe or South America.

Rolling Stones Hackney Diamonds ’24 Tour to follow release of their...

Roseville, Calif. - Defying age has kind of been standard operating procedure for The Stones for quite some time now. However, with the release of Hackney Diamonds, The Rolling Stones have surprised the music world and most fervent fans with an album of new music, their first in almost two decades.

13+ unconventional Christmas songs to jumpstart your next holiday party

there are always some unconventional Christmas songs or modern adaptations that are a fun and enjoyable listen bringing a few added smiles to our faces during the holidays. Here's a list that includes a few favorites

Sacramento venues enthusiastic about city’s music ecosystem survey

Sacramento, Calif. - First and foremost, the California Capitol Venues Coalition (CCVC) would like to thank the City of Sacramento and staff for commissioning this important study, administered by Sound Music Cities.

10 Classic summer songs synonymous with the season

For music fans, it's the season to crank up the tunes with their favorite classic throwback songs that provide those momentary time warps which instantly return them to another point in time.

Intimate Concert Venues from Roseville to beyond that deliver top-notch experience

Intimate concert venues in Roseville, Sacramento and around Northern California are filling a rapidly growing demand for fans seeking a fuller experience in a more affordable and lively setting.

Neil Young Harvest Time in Roseville, Rocklin, & Folsom movie theaters...

Roseville, Calif. - The year was 1971, arguably the greatest year in rock n' roll history. High above the Bay Area at his sprawling Skyline Blvd ranch, a 26-year-old Neil Young would convene a star-filled ensemble to create one of music's most enduring albums, Harvest

7 vintage songs when the heatwave arrives and the mercury soars

Songs that may not necessarily be about the weather, they often become linked due to their catchy title or tune. Either way, it's all good for a few smiles.

Creating your own 4th of July Playlist to chill out

Roseville, Calif. - For many Americans, 2022 is a breakout year for ditching the conventional in all areas of life. When it comes to music, some traditions should have been retired decades ago

4th of July Playlist Across America

Roseville, Calif.,- Just for fun this 4th of July, we're revisiting one of our favorite musical tools, Spotify to share our Fourth of July holiday playlist that offers songs from an artist from every state in America.

Hangtown Music Festival throws cosmically wild weekend to close out season

Annual celebration marks finale of concert festival season Placerville, Calif.- Even the looming threat of a once-in-a-lifetime bomb cyclone wasn't enough to prevent what has...

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