Lincoln Brewster in concert

Classic Rock Influences Today is the Day

Roseville, Calif. – For countless rock n’ roll fans, the term Worship Music has long been considered somewhat of an oxymoron derided as nothing more than bland, bubblegum pop music lacking ironically of all things, soul.  However well intended, we’d generally have to side with those fans and claim most music in the worship genre that we’ve encountered is well, uh…uninspiring and unimaginative at best. Sorry.

Until now…

Thank goodness for talented musicians who take the unconventional route, play to their strengths and in the process deliver some of the most powerful music across any genre.

Case in point, Lincoln Brewster of Roseville who leads musical worship at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, Ca.  His latest album is being released September 23, 2008. “Today is the Day” far eclipses his previous works on all levels and could be one of the best albums of the year.

Rooted in Classic Rock

Lincoln’s style is heavily rooted in classic rock and it’s evident on “The Arms of a Savior” with it’s bluesy tone reminiscent of John Mayer/Eric Clapton as well as “Let Your Glory Shine” with an intro that sounds eerily similar to Eddie Van Halen. “God You Reign” has a style that captures the sound and energy reminiscent of classic U2. Lincoln has done an incredible job of melding his influences into his own unique and powerful style that is infectious and uplifting.

We haven’t been able to put my copy of “Today is the Day” down and the neighbors have been getting a free and loud listen (via open windows). The police haven’t come knocking on my door, so we’ll assume the neighbors are enjoying it as much as we are.

Rock n’ Roll as well as blues music fans should check this album out and give it a fair listen, you just might find yourself hooked. We’ll just leave it up to you to convince your friends that worship music can really be this good.

We think it’s about as good as it gets.

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