Grateful Dead

Join us in the celebration of 50 years of the Grateful Dead’s musical legacy with our 50 Days of the Dead tribute.

Featuring a curated collection of fan favorites, including a few surprises.

“We’re like licorice. Not everybody likes licorice, but the people who like licorice really like licorice.” ~ Jerry Garcia

50 Days of the Grateful Dead: Mission in the Rain

The Jerry Garcia Band ripping through a powerful Mission in the Rain from one of our favorite shows.

50 Days of the Grateful Dead: Eyes of the World

125,000 turned out to Englishtown N.J. in 1977 during one of the Grateful Dead's most highly acclaimed periods.

50 Days of the Grateful Dead: Playing In The Band

An extended, psychedelic version of Playing In The Band from the show that would be filmed and released as Sunshine Daydream.

50 Days of the Grateful Dead: Peggy-O

The perfect dose of intricate guitar work over a smooth rhythm section to a Scottish folk song in this 1978 version of Peggy-O at the Huntington Civic Center in West Virginia.

50 Days of the Grateful Dead: When I Paint My Masterpiece

When The Dead performed covers, it often turned into something that many considered better than the original. This 1971 Bob Dylan song made popular by The Band is no exception.

50 Days of the Grateful Dead: Shakedown Street

The New Haven Coliseum was closed in 2002 and demolished in 2007, but this legendary Grateful Dead performance from October 25, 1979 lives on.

50 Days of the Grateful Dead: The Music Never Stopped

We love the grooves and we love the energy of the jams in this version of The Music Never Stopped from Illinois State University on April 24, 1978

50 Days of the Grateful Dead: Feel Like a Stranger

March 22, 1990. The Dead rolled into their 4th decade on another creative peak

50 Days of the Grateful Dead: Wharf Rat

October 7, 1977 at University Of New Mexico in Albuquerque find the Dead rolling through a sweet version of Wharf Rat.

50 Days of the Grateful Dead: Brown Eyed Women

This user submission brings us back to Barton Hall in the spring of 77' to hear Brown Eyed Women.

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