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Corky’s Corner – for gearheads of all sorts

Guitarist, gear guru and musician’s musician Corky Newman, known for his decades of fretboard wizardry and extensive knowledge of musical equipment.

When not jamming with his band Caligator, Corky can be found sharing his in-depth musical knowledge with fellow music lovers everywhere.

Rumor has it, as a young lad in 1969, he fibbed to his parents, snuck off to Woodstock and never looked back.

Corky’s Corner: One Control Persian Green Screamer Review

Roseville, CA- If I stacked all the Overdrive pedals I have owned I think they would reach the moon. This pedal is quite different from

Corky’s Corner: Fender Baja Telecaster Reviewed

Roseville, CA - This Fender Baja Telecaster is a custom shop made in Mexico model that just blows the doors off most Telecasters you will hear.
Yamaha - THR100h

Yamaha THR100H Review

Yamaha's THR100H Converts Tube Amp Player Roseville, CA- Last year,  I did a review on the Yamaha THR10X awhile back and loved it as a...

Corky’s Corner: Mojave Scorpion Amp Reviewed

Mojave Amp Works is a company down in the high desert of southern California.

Corky’s Corner: ESP EII ST2 Reviewed

Roseville, CA- Let's start off by saying when I opened up the case I was shocked by the killer flame maple top and color of this ESP guitar

Corky’s Corner: Mackie MR5 Monitors Reviewed

Roseville, CA- No Matter if they are the MKI or MKII or MKIII models, these Mackie Monitors just plain kick butt.

Corky’s Corner: Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Reviewed

Roseville, CA- Very nice upgrades here as we review the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus in Black Cherry with Gibson 57 classic pickups

Corky’s Corner: Audix i5 Microphone Reviewed

Roseville, CA- Designed with a cardioid pickup pattern for isolation and feedback control, the Audix i5 Microphone is an all-purpose dynamic instrument microphone

Yamaha THR10X The Very Best Practice Amp Ever?

WOW...The Yamaha THR10X is the very best practice amp I have ever heard.

Tech 21 RK Fly Rig 5 Guitar Pedal Review

Roseville, CA - A new breed of gigging pedal for the pickup and run player. It has everything you need just plug into the house PA, or any clean amp, even a cheap solid state.