Napa Oxbow Concerts

Oxbow Commons prepares for musical return

Napa, CA – Napa welcomes the return of live entertainment with Oxbow Riverstage Concerts. The first round of concerts has just been announced and includes several genres that include pop, jazz, blues and jam bands.

Located at Oxbow Commons in Napa, arrive early to enjoy a trip to Oxbow Public Market for some pre-show food and drink. This popular market reminds of a mini and upscale version of Pike’s Market in Seattle. Great fun and always a great time.

Oxbow Riverstage Concerts

  • Sept 24: John Fogerty
  • Sept 25: Herbie Hancock
  • Sept 28: Van Morrison
  • Oct 8-9: STS9
  • Oct 15: WILCO

Tickets are on sale now!
For complete details and ticket information, please visit

Oxbow Public Market
Pre Show Food and Drinks!



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