Amazing Rock n’ Roll Debuts

Roseville, CA- In music, rarely do the stars align for that magical coalescing of youth, talent, and craftsmanship to deliver a superior debut album on the very first try. However, when they do align, it often changes the musical landscape in a profound and lasting manner.

With that in mind, here is list of some of our absolute favorite debut albums.

7 Amazing Rock n’ Roll Debut Albums (in no particular order)

1- Chuck Berry – Rock, Rock, Rock

It’s 1956 and Chuck Berry’s debut album on Chess Records would fuel the fire for future generations of guitar heroes. Chock full of great tunes, looking back it’s quite fitting for this album to have featured Roll Over Beethoven. The world of music would never be the same.

2- The Doors – The Doors

Before the summer of love, The Doors debut album would usher in what would become some of the band’s most seminal work. Light My Fire, penned by Robbie Krieger, would help pave the way for The Doors meteoric rise. A killer album throughout.

3- The Cars – The Cars

1978 was an odd time and The Cars debut album skillfully walked the line between rock n’ roll and the new age punk scene. In a perfect example of genre confusion, The Cars drew fans in from a wide variety of musical tastes and in the process delivered one of the greatest debut albums on vinyl. 39 years later, it still sounds amazing.

4- Van Halen – Van Halen

If rock n’ roll was dead in 1978, someone forgot to tell Van Halen. Arguably, the most kick-ass debut album ever created and one that spawned a million wannabees. The influence of Van Halen is unmistakable and permeated every big hair band and corner of popular music for years and it began with Van Halen’s debut.

5- Bad Company – Bad Company

Released in the summer of 1974, Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs and crew teamed up to create an unmistakable rock sound with almost universal appeal. Listening to the album in its entirety is musical bliss, even 43 years after it’s release.

6- Guns n’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction

Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n’ Roses set off a buzz for a new band not seen since Van Halen nine years prior. An incredible collection of high energy songs with tremendous crossover appeal in the the era of MTV, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.

7- Pearl Jam – Ten

Sitting in a Palo Alto pub in 1991, a brand new band, Pearl Jam played on the radio. Bought the CD and spent the next few months listening incessantly. A recent listen reminded these ears of all the youthful energy and terrific songs that ooze out of this album. Grunge? Let’s just call it what it really is — one of the best rock debut albums ever.


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