Grateful Dead

Day 37 – West L.A. Fadeaway

West L.A. Fadeaway from the Grateful Dead’s famed and energetic run at Alpine Valley in July 1989. These shows were culled into a movie Downhill From Here which recently played in Roseville during this year’s annual Grateful Dead meetup at the movies.

To commemorate and celebrate the 50 year musical legacy of the Grateful Dead, an iconic American band and California favorite, we bring you “50 Days of The Dead”.

We are curating a list of fan favorites around the country from among the thousands of shows featuring the Grateful Dead, The Jerry Garcia Band along with a few surprises from artists who faithfully continue to carry on the spirit of the Dead.

Every Deadhead has their own favorite list of performances from thousands of shows. We’ll be touching upon just 50 picks culled over 50 years from fans who enjoy sharing the music.

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