Memorable Intros that Kick Ass

The Rolling Stones have covered much ground since the 1960’s and it’s quite the chore to hone in on a singular aspect of their musical legacy that hasn’t been analyzed and dissected a million times.

This week our musical staff decided to ponder the Rolling Stones most enduring intros. Over the years, they found some of The Stones intros that paradoxically feel more like the song’s high watermark or apogee of their musical story. Sometimes, you just can’t top a great beginning and these Stones songs serve it up in full rock n’ roll style.

The Rolling Stones Greatest Song Intros

(in no particular order)

1- Monkey Man

Never has a vibraphone, bass, guitar, and piano sounded better. Great song, but that introduction blows us away everytime.
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2- Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

Thank you Keith Richards for one of the greatest guitar riffs ever created in magical Open G tuning. A great song that clocks in at over 7 minutes, and yet 46 years later, we still are obsessed with Keith’s opening shot of pure adrenalin.
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3 – Start Me Up

One of those songs so overplayed it’s often difficult to turn on. However, the opening lick is an iconic sound for a generation of millions. Love it or hate it, it’s one of the great intros of all time.
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4 – Ventilator Blues

A great homage to the blues, but that catchy intro is the superstar to our ears.
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5 – Miss You

A sign of the times as the Stones versatility shines here absorbing and reflecting the disco era while still sounding like pure Stones. A shining example of their famed rhythm section. Charlie, Bill and Keith don their disco hats to great effect.
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6 – Slave

Charlie kicks it off, Keith adds a sweet lick and it’s pure heaven of memorable songwriting that drives the whole tune. Originally written back in the Stones heyday of 1975, Pete Townshend sings along and Sonny Rollins saxophone playing is beautiful on this often underrated masterpiece.
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7 – Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)

Billy Preston on clavinet, Keith Richards on bass and Mick Taylor on lead guitar. A fantastic intro that makes the song. Search online for some fun live versions.
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8- Fingerprint File

Another one of those Stones songs where you wish the intro would never end. Funky goodness with lyrics that decry government surveillance that pales in comparison to modern day big brother.
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9- Jumpin Jack Flash / 10- I Can’t Get No Satisfaction / 11- Midnight Rambler

No explanation required.

We hope you enjoy this week’s musical journey!