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Roseville, CA- Tax season is approaching and Cook CPA Group is ready to help. In business since 2006, Cook CPA Group offers a variety of services such as tax preparation for individuals and businesses, tax planning, CFO services and financial audit services. “Our customers reflect a range of businesses and individuals as we like working with interesting people and companies,” explains Evelyn Cook, President of Cook CPA Group.

Cook CPA Group works with a broad assortment of businesses like wineries, manufacturing companies, nonprofits and health care groups. The firm loves hearing positive feedback from clients. “Evelyn helped us make a big decision to change our tax reporting for our winery,” Gayla Schatz, owner of R&G Schatz Farms shares. “Evelyn is open and honest and she always gets back to me. We were with a bigger tax firm and I was constantly getting bounced around. That doesn’t happen at Cook CPA Group.”

Evelyn grew up in the Sacramento area and spent some time in Davis. Originally on a path to become a veterinarian, she credits her experience with animals to giving her the ability to observe people and interactions to help see different approaches and solutions.

“I really enjoy working with people and helping them see how to achieve their goals,”

Evelyn Cook, Cook CPA Group

Cook and her team stay busy year round but they are especially focused in March and April. “In fact,” says Evelyn, “if you need taxes prepared, be sure to contact us no later than February 15th.”

Outside of tax season, the Cook CPA Group is helping their clients with a variety of other financial services. “The complexity of accounting has really changed,” Cook shares. “Ongoing changes and the face-paced economy means no downtime in our business anymore.”

Testimony to her busy schedule are her satisfied customers. “Evelyn knows her stuff. She is knowledgeable, ethical and trustworthy. She is not your typical dry numbers CPA,” Clair Thunes of Summit Equine shares. “I can relate to her on a personal level and I know she is working for me.”

If you’ve been considering having a professional prepare your taxes, have small business accounting needs, or need other financial guidance, Cook CPA Group offers a free 30-minute consultation. “People need more in-person meetings because so much more can be conveyed in-person than through email,” Evelyn says.

Your consultation appointment can be made by calling 916-724-1665 or by visiting cookcpagroup.com.

5 Reasons to Choose Cook CPA Group

  1. We take the time to understand how your business operates and what your business does.
  2. We incorporate a team approach. Our team works with yours so that we are all on the same page
  3. Professional tax services reduce the risk of an audit, and if you are audited, we are there to assist.
  4. We save you time so that you can focus on running your business, not learning tax law.
  5. Our office has two “tax-assistance dogs”: Shelties Brennan and Breyer are in the office to help create a calming and nurturing environment.

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