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The latest updates in the local real estate market for Roseville, Rocklin and the greater Sacramento Metro region. Tips and tricks when buying or selling a home.

FHA Loans: No to Condos

It was not many years ago when a client using an FHA loan to buy a home was rare.ย  Over the past few years,...

Buying and Waiving

Prices are on the rise in our Sacramento housing market but we are finding the appraisers for loans are having a hard time catching...

Real Estate Market Slowing Down

Our local real estate market is slowing down and doing so much earlier than expected.ย  Normally sales remain high through July and into August...

Housing recovery held up

The California and Sacramento housing markets are expected to continue to recover in 2013 as home prices are forecasted to increase for the third...

Short Sale Improvements at Bank of America

If you have been reading my columns for any length of time you know I have not been a Bank of America fan and...

Offering Over Asking Price on a Home

Sacramento Realtor, Julie Jalone of MagnumOne Realty in Roseville, writes about the advantages and pitfalls of making over asking price offers on homes.

4 Tips on Buying Investment Property

Roseville Realtor, Julie Jalone of MagnumOne Realty, provides four tips to help buyers select and successfully rent investment property.

Top Googled Real Estate Questions of 2023

As we wrap up 2023, certain queries have risen to the top of Google's search trends, reflecting the common concerns and interests of buyers, sellers, and investors. In this blog, we explore and answer the most Googled real estate questions of 2023, offering insights and guidance to help you navigate this ever-changing market.

Contingencies You Should Not Remove When Buying a Home

Roseville, CA - Julie Jalone of MagnumOne Realty, writes about the important contingencies a buyer should maintain when making offers.

2023 Sacramento Housing Market’s Biggest Challenge?

The housing market is traditionally slow during the winter season, and with this year's storms, some agents report no activity. Pending home sales, representing signed contracts on existing homes,

๐Ÿ’ซ Local Spotlight

California Recovery Center in Roseville offers treatment for substance abuse and...

California Recovery Center (CRC) is a treatment provider for adults with substance abuse and mental health condition, located in Roseville and serving the greater Sacramento region.

Welcome to the Brighter Side

Has Downtown Roseville Finally Arrived? Progress brings entertainment and family fun

Roseville, Calif.- For a thriving and growing city of approximately 150,000, Downtown Roseville has always seemed a bit at odds with itself over the years. Growing pains provide a sense of incongruence as the past bends and yields to the future in an elongated series of fits and starts.