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The latest updates in the local real estate market for Roseville, Rocklin and the greater Sacramento Metro region. Tips and tricks when buying or selling a home.

Realtor Julie Jalone

California Sales and Price – March

We know about our area and the story is similar for the State, March home buying volume was up from February but behind the pace of a year ago and prices rose but not as fast.
Realtor Julie Jalone

Short Sale Tax Relief

According to Sacramento Realtor, Julie Jalone, good news has arrived from the IRS for California homeowners who are considering a short sale. Julie is the owner of MagnumOne Realty in Roseville and a short sale expert.
Realtor Julie Jalone

Homeowner Tax Breaks: Two Important Ones

Realtor, Julie Jalone of MagnumOne Realty in Roseville, writes about two important tax breaks for homeowners.
Realtor Julie Jalone

Housing Market: Is the Economy Holding It Back?

Roseville Realtor, Julie Jalone of MagnumOne Realty in Roseville, writes about the results of a recent Fannie Mae housing survey and how consumers are reacting nationally and here in the Placer and Sacramento area.
Realtor Julie Jalone

No Equity – No Move

Millions of homeowners are still underwater or lack sufficient equity to move. Sacramento Realtor, Julie Jalone of MagnumOne Realty in Roseville, provides details and lets homeowners know there are options for those who want to sell.
Realtor Julie Jalone

Sacramento Housing Market is Tough on First Time Buyers

Sacramento Realtor Julie Jalone, who owns MagnumOne Realty in Roseville, explains why first time home buyers are having a tough time buying a home in the Sacramento area.
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When and Where to Invest in Real Estate

Roseville, CA- When and where should you be investing in real estate? The time is now, and our Sacramento-Roseville area is...
Realtor Julie Jalone

Buying a Home is Still Better Than Renting

Roseville, CA-- Home prices continue to rise faster than incomes and new employment, but it is still more cost efficient to own a home than to rent.
Realtor Julie Jalone

House Not Selling: When to lower the price

Julie Jalone from MagnumOne Realty in Roseville, provides six reasons to consider a price reduction of your house is not selling
Realtor Julie Jalone

Bidding Wars: Home Buying Competition Heats Up

Bidding Wars: Roseville Realtor, Julie Jalone, writes about the local housing market and the increased competition buyer offers are receiving. If you are a seller can you expect multiple offers and if you are buyer what are your chances your offer will be accepted?