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Spina Bifida – Abigail Vance

My 12-year-old daughter, who was born with a permanent disability, is one reason I write this column. For this week only, I've decided to let her take over my job of writing. So here is what she has to say in my place.

Medical testing can find the source of what ails us

If you want to make dramatic improvement in your health in 2008, Dr. Chris Meletis, ND, recommends four simple laboratory tests before embarking on your health journey. Meletis tells his patients, "Tests Don't Guess."

Autism Cards

People didn't like 7-year-old Logan's erratic behavior. Some people were even calling him an undisciplined brat. Then Logan's mother, 38-year-old Tamara Hansen of

Casey Stengel, the actor

Besides sharing a name with a famous Yankee manager, Casey Stengel of Glendale, California, has become well known in his own right.

Post-polio syndrome

In 1953, Carrie Cline Pike, now of Gold Hill, Oregon, contracted polio at age 18 while employed for a large pharmaceutical laboratory seeking a cure for polio.


In 1997, Nicole Francis of Port St. Lucie, Florida, was experiencing fatigue and joint pain, and a doctor began treating her eyes for conjunctivitis and later, iritis. Soon, she learned she had lupus.

It’s winter – Are your transmitters up to par?

With daylight diminishing and winter approaching, November is a wonderful time to find out if you have neurotransmitter imbalances, as the neurotransmitter, serotonin, is normally at its lowest in the winter.

Non-progressive muscular dystrophy

Bradley Walker is up and coming and has performed at the Grand Ole Opry at least four times. He utilizes a traditional country singing style while his back-up band brings bluegrass. I've heard his music on YouTube and it's solid.


If you or a loved one experiences: frequent after meal abdominal bloating, gas, "heartburn," indigestion and belching; weak fingernails; hair loss or thin, brittle hair; dry or weak skin; or a sense of rapid aging, please keep reading about a condition, not well-known in conventional medicine - low hydrochloric acid in the stomach.


On May 1, 1995, Daniel and Sue Hanson were taken aback when their 21-year-old son Joel telephoned from college saying his true identity was Jesus Christ.

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