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Daniel J Vance

Multiple Sclerosis

Forty-year-old Tom Stewart and his little dog had quite a scare recently.“I was just going down to the convenience station in my electric wheelchair to get something to eat,” he said in a telephone interview from his apartment in a Midwestern state.
Daniel J Vance

Dave Dravecky (part 2)

Recently, I interviewed baseball legend Dave Dravecky, whose comeback bid in 1989 was one of the greatest in sports history. After surviving radical cancer surgery, a year later
Daniel J Vance

Dave Dravecky (Part 1)

It was one of baseball's greatest moments: San Francisco Giants pitcher Dave Dravecky surviving cancer surgery in his throwing arm and only a year later in August 1989 in a miraculous comeback bid pitching seven flawless innings against the Cincinnati Reds.
Dennis Godby, ND

Gut Feeling: Some Bacteria Need to Survive

Americans fill 300 million antibiotic prescriptions every year - one for every man, woman and child.
Daniel J Vance

ADHD and Nonverbal Learning Disorder

Jean Fisher reads this column in the North Platte (Neb.) Telegraph, and recently she mentioned it to her daughter Lori Hughes, who resides in Andover, Minn.
Daniel J Vance

Blindness Rebecca Kragnes

The National Federal of the Blind Web site reports that about 1.3 million Americans are legally blind, and of those only one percent were born that way.
Daniel J Vance

Autism / Murphys

Melanie Murphy of LaCrosse, Wisconsin, thought at first that her son Cole just had a speech delay. “He would say only a few words, and I couldn't understand what they were,” said Murphy, 36, in a telephone interview, of her then three-year-old son.
Daniel J Vance

ADHD / Matt Lust

From all appearances, Matt Lust is “normal.” He's a 24-year-old graduate student majoring in sociology at a midwestern university and a former high school football player.
Daniel J Vance

Joni Eareckson Tada Part #2

This columnist recently featured Joni Eareckson Tada, a 40-year survivor of spinal cord injury, who broke her neck while diving into Maryland's Chesapeake Bay in 1967. She uses an electric wheelchair, and has paralysis in all four limbs.
Daniel J Vance

Spina Bifida

Stacy Picard of Knoxville, Iowa, thought having a fifth child would be easy. “The first couple children you worry about something going wrong, but after that you don't even think about the possibility of a disability,” said 30-year-old Picard in a telephone interview.