Friday, June 21, 2024
Placer County Fair

Sacramento Naturopathic Doctor Walks Across America for Health Equity and a...

Sacramento, Calif. -To focus the national spotlight on health equity and emphasize the importance of preventing and reversing disease, and optimizing health, I will be walking across the USA starting on September 12.

Pneumonia: Sacramento Naturopathic Doctor reminds us to be open-minded to remedies

Sacramento, Calif. - It's December and today, I'm flying to Alaska, not the smartest month to be flying to Anchorage, Alaska, when you have HAD pneumonia! Yes, pneumonia, HAD is a beautiful word.

Gluten sensitivity shows up all over the patient’s body

Condition is 100% curable The celiac disease (CD)/gluten intolerance (GI) good news is that this condition is 100% curable - if one is willing to...

Sacramento doctor shares personal story on Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)

Sacramento, Calif. - I didnโ€™t notice Seasonal Affective Disorder (symptoms of depression that develop in the darker winter months) while growing up in Sacramento, but, after moving to Portland, Oregon, it became apparent

Spring Cleaning for the Body

If the new season inspires you to spring-clean your home, you may want to add "spring cleaning" for your body as well! Just as you...

Letting nature heal, and curing the whole planet

Principles of naturopathic medicine These six principles are founded on medical tradition and scientific evidence and used by naturopathic doctors to diagnose and treat patients. The...

Balance in Diet, Temperament Key to Avoiding a Leaky Gut

Is your gut, "leaky?" Last month's article on hidden and delayed food allergies (IgG reactions), concluded that "leaky gut syndrome" (LGS) is suspected if

Some tests just shouldn’t be graded on a curve

Has your doctor told you, "your blood test results are completely normal," but instead of feeling relief, you felt worse, knowing that something was...

Food Sensitivity vs. Food Intolerance vs. Food Allergy

Understanding the differences in adverse food reactions Sacramento, CA- There are many terms used for adverse food reactions including food allergies, food sensitivities, and food...

Adrenal fatigue, perfectionism and your health

The drive to succeed can lead down a wrong path Pursuing excellence is admired, encouraged and rewarded by our society.  Parents, teachers and other adults...

๐Ÿ’ซ Business Spotlight

Roseville Sheet Metal serving community’s heating and air needs for over...

Roseville, Calif. - At Roseville Sheet Metal, weโ€™re proud of our years of service to the Roseville area and look forward to helping you with your air conditioning and heating needs.

Welcome to the Brighter Side

Roseville ranks 14th nationally for younger homebuyers

Roseville, Calif.- Over the years, City planners have been careful to ensure a variety of types of housing are being built in Roseville. This is one of the reasons Roseville ranks 14th nationally for places people under-35 are buying homes, in a new survey by