Dr Dennis Godby

Potentially life-changing things you can do to improve your health

Pessimism and despair lead to diseased individuals and to a diseased planet. Despite the inescapable bad news, the Jan. 20 inauguration of the 44th U.S. president has given many Americans a new reason for optimism and hope. The day before is the holiday celebrating the life MLK Jr., one of America’s greatest champions for social justice, nonviolent means, and yes, hope.

My question is, can we use these consecutive days of hope to inspire us to “roll up our sleeves,” and commit ourselves to answering President Kennedy’s inaugural call nearly a half century ago: to “ask … what you can do for your country.” Your service, locally or globally, is one important step in revitalizing your health!

Potentially life-changing things to improve your health and the health of our world

  1. Because you have 100% control of your attitude – you can decide to be healthy and to live in joy and peace, as Viktor Frankl did in the Nazi concentration  camps. If he could do it in such extraordinary circumstances, so can we.
  2. Accept your genes; love your body, strive for health more than exterior appearance.
  3. Life and death are flip sides of the same coin. Accepting life includes accepting death.
  4. Forgive oneself and others. Not forgiving leads to many body, mind and spirit  diseases. I plead with you – let it go! Being hard on yourself will kill you!
  5. Some stress is avoidable. If you feel stressed out, honestly examine your life and empower yourself and determine what perceptions and decisions in your life you can change to help you feel more at peace.
  6. In all your relationships, examine yourself first, before blaming others.
  7. Resolve interpersonal conflicts nonviolently, without resentment or anger.
  8. Live simply (live within your means, reduce clutter, downsize).
  9. Daily movement (aerobic, flexibility, strength) is the fountain of vitality. Use exercise for transportation.
  10. Nutrition: For optimal muscle mass and weight control, eat breakfast and 3-5 smaller meals per day; eat whole, unprocessed organic foods.
  11. Sleep: For optimal hormone secretion get to sleep by 10-11 pm, and for at least 7-  8 hours. If you can’t get to sleep or stay asleep without pills, investigate the cause.
  12. Worry less about what others think!
  13. Transforming emotional addictions into preferences (see Handbook of Higher   Consciousness). There’s no law that says you have to react emotionally when  people don’t do as you wish.
  14. Have gratitude for everything!
  15. Be humble. Love yourself as you are – strengths and limitations.
  16. Strive for “excellence,” not perfectionism (especially true for mothers).
  17. Be generous
  18. Laugh often; have a sense of humor.
  19. Be optimistic; have hope; avoid imagining the worst.
  20. Follow your conscience.
  21. Seek Truth. If you want the truth from others – don’t fly off the handle. Be reasonable.
Dr Dennis Godby

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