Steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse

Takeout at Texas Roadhouse

Citrus Heights, CA- On any given night there are fresh baked rolls coming out of the oven every 4-5 minutes, dipping sauces and dressings made from scratch, fresh meat and hand-made margarita mix. Would you believe that the scratch-bake kitchen is just the beginning of the wonder behind the story of Texas Roadhouse?

This restaurant is fun and the quality servers are impressive. You may even catch an evening of spontaneous line dancing with the staff! “Texas Roadhouse is my family’s favorite place to go – not just for dinner, [but] Joseph and his team have a contagious energy and the food is always amazing,” frequent customer Dennis Orr says.

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Managing Partner Joseph Sevier has spent much of his career with the company. He began as a host where he met his wife, who also worked for the restaurant. After gaining other experience outside Texas Roadhouse, he came back as a manager and a service coach, eventually being asked to become a managing partner at the Citrus Heights location. Since that move almost three years ago, Joseph has turned this restaurant into a hub of the community.

Supporting local heroes

Supporting local heroes is a priority at Texas Roadhouse. The restaurant boasts a military honor wall and offers local heroes a 30% discount. Over the last couple of years they have donated over $20,000 to various fallen officer memorials. “It’s important that we help the economy of our city and the region. We don’t just want to take from it, but we want to give back,” Joseph says.

The amount of community involvement and giving back by just one restaurant is almost unbelievable. Their work in the community includes sponsoring multiple children’s sports teams, fundraising for schools, recognizing teachers with free meals, serving food at golf tournaments and the Sacramento Speedway, and that’s barely the beginning of the list. “A lot of my development as a kid had to do with coaches and community and how they invested back into my life,” Joseph says. Now he is trying to do the same.

Serving local families

His generosity and commitment haven’t gone unnoticed. “Texas Roadhouse Citrus Heights has continually partnered with us in efforts to build community and serve local families,” Jeff Pitnikoff, the executive director of Aboutkidz says. “There’s a generous and uplifting spirit that spans from the very top leaders all the way to the servers.”

In the beginning of this year, this Citrus Heights location had a meat cutter, Edgar Figueroa, advance to the national level meat cutting competition hosted by the restaurant chain. Out of 500, he was one of the 83 who made it to the national level. Joseph and his team were so supportive of Edgar, even accompanying him to the finals competition in Nashville. The team spirit and compassion for their community is evident at all levels and in all areas of their restaurant.

Joseph is just grateful to be a part of it. “It’s been beautiful to watch the hard work, sacrifice and genuine care that our team members grow for their craft, each other and our community,” Joseph says. “And our community has shown us so much love and support. It’s our passion as a Roadie family to be able to show it back.”

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