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Weidel on Wheels. Author Jeffrey Weidel is an award-winning writer from the Sacramento region who has reviewed automobiles for more than two decades. Check out his latest ride!

Honda CR-V remains popular compact SUV

Roseville, CA- The CR-V offers responsive handling, a comfortable ride, ranks near the top in safety testing, gets good gas mileage (27-34 mpg), and is extremely reliable.

Honda Odyssey remains top-of-line mini van

Roseville, CA- There's a lot of value in the Odyssey, which starts at around $29,275 and can climb to just under $45,000.

Hyundai Sonata: Delivers Plenty of Value

These days the 2015 Hyundai Sonata might not be on top, but it's not far from it. And that's saying a lot considering its prime rivals are the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry,

New Hyundai Genesis a very appealing sedan

Although Hyundai doesn't have a "luxury" tag on its vehicles, there's no doubt that the 2015 Genesis could legitimately slip into that category among midsize sedans.

Nissan Juke is no joke

The Nissan Juke is one quirky-looking vehicle. It reminds me of a sawed-off shotgun and left me wondering what the heck happened to the back end of the car?

Nissan Rogue no slacker in compact SUV class

Like many small sport utility vehicles, the Nissan Rogue is looking to make an impact. And that's a tough assignment, considering

2013 Lexus GS 450 Hybrid: Good gas mileage, great performance

This is a hybrid with enviable performance capabilities. If one

The dynasty continues for the Toyota Camry

Give the Toyota people credit; they aren't living in the past, because the 2012 Camry arrives with a redesign.

2018 Toyota Highlander: Classy midsize SUV

Toyota Highlander, highly-rated, sensible & well designed Roseville, CA- One of the most highly-rated midsize sport utility vehicles is the Toyota Highlander, a sensible, well designed...

Mazda6 reaches higher ground

Impressive and Broad Improvements The midsize family sedan landscape is loaded, stocked with some great vehicles. There are at least a half dozen...