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Weidel on Wheels. Author Jeffrey Weidel is an award-winning writer from the Sacramento region who has reviewed automobiles for more than two decades. Check out his latest ride!


Mercedes M-class delivers both luxury and performance

Even an esteemed automaker like Mercedes Benz understands that changes occasionally need to occur. Stand still for too long and the competition may not only catch up, it may pass up as well.

Volkswagen Touareg: Classy luxury SUV

The 2015 Volkswagen Touareg features a classy look, a smartly-designed interior, plenty of performance, and is loaded with standard features.
2019 Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot remains solid midsized SUV

Honda's Popular Midsize Crossover SUV Roseville, CA-- Three years ago, the Honda Pilot went through some major changes. Practically everything was new - engine, transmission,...

2016 Ford Escape: A Turbocharged Competitor

Labeling the Ford Escape an energetic sport utility vehicle with some very pleasing performance may come as a surprise to many.

New Buick Regal Boasts Turbocharged Engine

Although officially there's no 2014 redesign, the Buick Regal has certainly gone through some significant changes over the past year

Kia Cadenza a classy sedan

Roseville, CA- The Kia Cadenza is a large, attractive sedan that comes with a sizable list of standard features and receives high marks for comfort, performance and handling.

GMC Acadia an improved midsize SUV

Roseville, CA,- It's time to give the GMC Acadia a look. The changes have been dramatic since GMC decided to revamp its midsize crossover sport utility

Honda Fit remains a standout subcompact

Honda Fit: Simplify & Save Roseville, CA,- Subcompact cars are typically devoid of excitement. Yet they are still in demand. There's a reason people buy subcompact...

Redesigned Honda Odyssey better than ever

Roseville, CA,- The 2018 Honda Odyssey has been completely redesigned.

2016 Hyundai Tucson: New and improved

Car shoppers looking for a subcompact SUV should put the Tucson on their list.