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Weidel on Wheels. Author Jeffrey Weidel is an award-winning writer from the Sacramento region who has reviewed automobiles for more than two decades. Check out his latest ride!


Kia Cadenza, One Classy Sedan

Kia can now add the Cadenza to its stable of vehicles that warrant mass appeal.

Infiniti QX56 offers superior power and performance

The 2012 Infiniti QX56 went through a complete redesign a year ago and is a solid choice among its luxury-division competitors.

Subaru BRZ: Old-school sports car

Roseville, CA- A two-door coup that seats four people, the Subaru BRZ breaks the mold somewhat

Toyota Corolla no longer king of the compacts

What's the top selling car of all time? It's a bit surprising here that the answer is the Corolla, which has been going strong for more than four decades. Corolla sales surpassed 33 million in 2007 when this popular Toyota pushed ahead of the Volkswagen Beetle to become the top seller of all time.

2017 Ford Fusion Energi features lot of upside

Roseville, CA - Choosing just the right versions of the Ford Fusion is similar to a tricky multiple-choice test where all the possible answers seem plausible.

Ford does great job with redesigned Escape

Fans of the Ford Escape will enjoy hearing the news. This year's redesign, the first since 2008, has improved the Escape significantly.

New 2013 Mazda CX-5 both thrifty and sporty

Despite the competition, Mazda is unveiling the 2013 CX-5 in hopes that it will fare better than its predecessors - the Tribute and the CX-7. The Tribute, a knockoff of the Ford Escape, never gained widespread acceptance as a compact SUV.

Car Reviews: 2011 Honda CR-Z is a peppy hybrid

The good and bad with the new 2011 Honda hybrid CR-Z: It features three distinct driving modes, yet only has two seats. That's right, unlike many hatchbacks, this one strangely has no backseat.

Refined Jeep Grand Cherokee retains rugged off-road capability

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviewed: The sleeker-looking 2014 Cherokee with its very cool black exterior is cool, not just in appearance, but many other areas as well.

Nissan Rogue: compact SUV priced right, but lacks performance

Introduced four years ago, the Nissan Rogue has yet to make a true imprint in the crowded compact crossover sport utility class.