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Kia Telluride 2020

2020 Kia Telluride a nice addition

Smartly designed and family friendly Kia Telluride Roseville, CA- There's virtually no chance of the new Kia Telluride suffering...
2020 Kia Soul

Kia Soul continues to thrive

Thriving, Kia Soul survives the test of time Roseville, CA- Among the innovative boxy vehicles that were introduced...
Kia K900

Kia K900: Will sales pick up?

Luxury sedan aims for survival Roseville, CA- Are you looking for a luxury sedan that won't break the bank?...
2019 Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento a versatile SUV

Respected, affordable midsize SUV Roseville, CA- There's annually subtle changes to this popular family-friendly sport utility vehicle. Rarely does...
Kia Stinger red

Kia scores big with the 2018 Stinger

Sporty, performance-laden Kia Stinger Roseville, CA- The latest addition to the Kia lineup resembles nothing that the South Korean auto manufacturer has ever produced in...
Kia Niro

Kia Niro now features an EV model

Kia Niro saving gas in a stylish ride A compact crossover sport utility vehicle, the Niro doesn't have a huge range - 26 miles is...

2018 Kia Rio: Check out this no-frills version

Roseville, CA,- It's been quite a while since we were reaching for a door handle to manually roll down a window, yet that was the case recently with the no-frills version of the 2018 Kia Rio.

Kia Sorento delivers considerable versatility

Roseville, CA- Last year's remodeling effort took the Kia Sorento to a higher level and gave it more credibility among a somewhat crowded group of midsize sport utility vehicles.

Kia Forte remains a good bargain

Roseville, CA- Kia continues to improve its brand up and down its lineup. There's not a bad vehicle in the bunch.

Kia Niro an impressive new Hybrid

Roseville, CA - The folks at Kia believe they may have developed a worthy rival in the 2017 Kia Niro hybrid. Kia labels the Niro a compact hybrid crossover sport utility vehicle.